The introduction of this new fare system planned for April 1, 2020 has been delayed.

In response to the current pandemic that we are all facing, our transit agencies are suspending fares on our systems until further notice. For service updates and specific information and service, please click link to transit agency websites: 

Get there from here with the simple scan of your smartphone or tap of your smartcard.

Simply download the DiriGo TouchPass Mobile App on your smartphone or buy a DiriGo TouchPass Card, create your account, add money to your stored value, and you’re ready to go.


Scan DiriGo TouchPass mobile app or tap your DiriGo TouchPass card to pay your fare when boarding.


Say goodbye to counting change or lost passes, store all fares in one place.


Load money to your account as stored value anywhere and anytime through your smartphone or online. 


DiriGo TouchPass readers will be installed on all Greater Portland METRO, Biddeford Saco Old Orchard Beach Transit, and the South Portland Bus Service buses. You can find them right next to the driver where you would normally pay or validate your fare. 

To pay, riders will need to open their DiriGo Mobile App and scan the QR code provided, or tap their DiriGo Card on the reader when boarding. Could it get any easier?

Get Started

Download the TouchPass Transit Mobile App from the Google Play or Apple App store and select DiriGo.


Get your DiriGo TouchPass Card at agency offices for METRO, Biddeford Saco Old Orchard Beach Transit, and South Portland Bus Service. Also check our calendar for special events.


Link your DiriGo TouchPass Card to your account online. Add money so you can pay your fare using stored value. 


DiriGo TouchPass Rewards


Pay as-you-ride with your DiriGo TouchPass Card or Mobile App.
The more your ride, the better the benefits through fare capping.

Fare capping is a new way to pay using the DiriGo system that makes sure you pay only for the amount of service you use, and that you never pay more than a certain amount each day and each month. 

As a rider, you will use your stored value to pay towards a Daily Cap and Monthly Cap each time you ride the bus, and, once you hit the cap, you ride free for the rest of the day or month! Curious to learn more? Check out the FAQs below for additional details on fare capping.



We are currently testing our new DiriGo TouchPass system. Please check back for possible updates to the information below as we receive feedback from our riders. 

How does the DiriGo TouchPass work?

Create and manage your personal DiriGo Touchpass account online or through the Mobile App. The money you add is stored here as stored value. When you use your DiriGo TouchPass Card or Mobile App it uses stored value from this account.  

Once you create an account, you can add stored value, make transfers, and monitor your account activity all in one place.

When will DiriGo TouchPass smartcards be available?

For agency specific details, please visit the following agencies:

What are the fare changes and when do they start?

The DiriGo TouchPass system and fare change goes live on April 1, 2020. 

DiriGo TouchPass is an electronic regional fare system available on Greater Portland METRO, Biddeford Saco Old Orchard Beach Transit, and South Portland Bus Service. Download TouchPass Transit Mobile App on your smartphone or use your DiriGo TouchPass Card to ride. Add stored value to your card or Mobile App online, in the app, or at locations throughout the region.

Scan your Mobile App OR Tap your DiriGo TouchPass Card to pay your fare.



What are the new fares?

The fare for all local routes on all service providers will be $2.00. Express routes, including BREEZ and the Portland Intercity Connector Line (Green) will be $4.00. The ZOOM Express Line (Purple) will stay at $5.00. Reduced fare rate is typically half of the fare listed. When you pay using DiriGo TouchPass, you get 90 minutes to ride all you want on an equal or lower bus fare service. For example, if you scan or tap onto a BREEZ bus, you can ride any Local or Express bus as long as you board within 90 minutes. Cash Riders will need to pay per boarding (no transfers).

How long will tickets be accepted?

Please visit the following agency sites for specific details regarding new fare pricing:

Greater Portland METRO

 South Portland Bus Service

Biddeford Saco Old Orchard Beach Transit


What are smartcards?

A smartcard is a plastic, reusable card a rider can use to pay their fare by tapping on the DiriGO TouchPass Reader when they board the bus. You can load stored value to your Dirigo TouchPass Card account at the METRO Pulse at Elm Street (downtown Portland), South Portland City Hall, Saco Transportation Center, and through the DiriGO TouchPass Registration page.

What is a mobile ticketing app?

You can use your smartphone to pay fare when boarding the bus by downloading “TouchPass Transit” from the Google Play or Apple App store. Select “DiriGo” from the list of agencies, create an account, add stored value to your account and you’re ready to go!

Simply scan the activated QR code displayed in your Mobile App as you board the bus. Mobile app –TouchPass Transit available at Apple and Android app stores.

Can I still pay cash?

Yes, we will still accept cash. You must pay exact fare, and after July 1, 2020 you will not receive a paper transfer (South Portland Bus Service will continue to accept transfers between their routes).

Will we have paper tickets?

On METRO service, Monthly Passes and Ten Ride tickets are available (April only) at the METRO Pulse at Elm Street, and other limited locations.  After April 30; however, only single trip passes will still be available at METRO Pulse at Elm Street, South Portland City Hall, and Saco Transportation Center.

Please click on links for specific information:
Greater Portland METRO

What is Fare Capping?

Fare capping allows for frequent travel and financial flexibility. It provides the benefits of a multi-ride discounted pass without having to pay up-front costs. When you use a smartcard or mobile app you can load small amounts of value into your account whenever you want.
Riders get credit for every trip they take until they reach a daily or monthly “fare cap.” After reaching the cap all rides are free for the month or day. This “pay as you go” approach improves affordability and equity in the cost of using transit. It allows all riders using smartcards or the mobile app equal access to discounts. Riders pay only for what they use. 
Example on METRO service:
With a DiriGo TouchPass Card or DiriGo TouchPass Mobile App, you will never spend more $6 per day OR $60 per month as a regular fare rider on Local bus services.
See List of Regional Fares to find out your Daily and Monthly fare caps based on the type of riders you are and the services you ride.

Can I still get reduced fares if I am eligible?

Yes. Under our fare policy, DiriGo TouchPass offers reduced fare for seniors (65+); persons with disabilities, veterans and active duty military, youth (ages 6-18), and Medicare cardholders. To pay reduced fare, if you don’t already have a reduced fare card you can apply for reduced fare status by completing an application at the METRO Pulse (additional locations will be added soon). Riders eligible for reduced fare may pay with cash, a DiriGo TouchPass Card, or DiriGo TouchPass App.

How will a transfer work with fare capping?

Paper transfers will no longer be available after June 30, 2020*. With a DiriGo TouchPass Card, Mobile  App, or 90-minute pass, you will automatically have 90 minutes to transfer for FREE to any other route with the same or lower fare. If transferring to a route with a higher fare (within 90 minutes), you only have to pay the difference between fares. Starting July 1, 2020, if you use cash you will need to pay every time you board.

*South Portland Bus Service will continue to issue and accept transfers between its Routes 21, 24A, and 24B.

Why should I create a DiriGo TouchPass account online?

If you want to use the DiriGo TouchPass Mobile App, you will have to create an account. If you have a DiriGo TouchPass Card you can choose whether or not to link the card to an account. However, if your card is unlinked it is unprotected. If you link your card to your account, it can be replaced if lost or stolen.

Can I use the mobile app and smartcard at the same time?

No. DiriGo TouchPass requires you choose which one you prefer. If you need to switch from the app to card or card to app, call our customer service number at 1-833-272-7270.  

What is stored value?

When you add money to your account, it becomes stored value. You use this stored value to pay as you ride. You can load a minimum of $4.00 and a maximum of $200 into your account. If you create an account, you can use a debit or credit card to set up an autoload where your account will add more stored value when the balance goes below $5.00.

Can I pay the fare for more than one person with the same TouchPass?

No, each person must have their own unique DiriGo TouchPass Card, Mobile App, or paper pass.

If I use the new TouchPass smartcard, will the card reader automatically pick the correct fare type?

The DiriGo TouchPass reader knows whether you are boarding a Local, Express, or ZOOM Express service and deducts the appropriate fare from the stored value in your account.

What if I lose my smartcard?

If you lose a DiriGo TouchPass card that is linked to an account, report your lost card by calling Customer Service at 833-272-7270. Provide your username and password to verify the card is linked to your account. Once verified, we will transfer stored value, any daily or monthly caps, and your account balance will be restored on a new card. If you have not linked your card to an account, there is no way to recover your stored value or fare caps because we cannot verify that you own the card.

When will fare capping begin?

You will be able to hit the Daily and Monthly Fare Caps as soon as you start using your DiriGo TouchPass Mobile App or Card.

How much does it cost to get a DiriGo TouchPass smartcard?

During this introductory period, DiriGo Cards are available at no cost to riders. After July 1, 2020, DiriGo TouchPass Cards will cost $5.00 each so be sure to get a card soon.

The cost to replace a lost or stolen card is $5.00.

Where can I add stored value to my DiriGo card or Moblie App?

You can add stored value to your DiriGo TouchPass Card account at the METRO Pulse at Elm Street (downtown Portland), Saco Transportation Center, South Portland City Hall and online. 

Please check back for a list of locations where you can use a debit/credit card or cash to load stored value onto your Card or Mobile App. 


What do the different colors on the TouchPass electronic reader mean?

Green = Fare is paid for. You may board.

Blue = You receive a discounted fare. You may board.

Yellow = Low balance. You will need to add stored value to your account.

Red = No money in your account. You will need to add stored value before you can board.

Interested in hosting a DiriGo TouchPass event?

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